The Capitol Steps

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 4:00PM
Power Center

The Capitol Steps
Ticket sales for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival begin
Monday, April 16 at 9 am.

Donor presales begin April 11. Call (734) 707-4961 to donate today!
For general information about tickets and ticket policies please call (734) 764-2538.
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If the 'Purchase' button is gone, you might still have a chance to see this great performance! A wait list for tickets donated at the door will begin at 2:30pm at the Power Center.

Once the ticket office opens at 2:30pm the wait list will start. You will receive further instructions once your name is on the list.

Need a good laugh about Washington? America’s foremost political satirists are making their annual Fourth of July appearance at the festival! These former Congressional staffers have been putting the mock in democracy for 36 years, poking fun at both sides of the aisle with brilliant song parodies and hilarious sketches that lampoon up-to-the-minute issues, events, and personalities. Enjoy songs like “If We Only Had a Brain Surgeon” and “Here We Come a-Waffling” from their latest album, What To Expect When You’re Electing, and get ready to enjoy politics being funny again.